We’re Back: A Happy 4:20, And here’s all the booty!

We acquired:

  • A slapper for spankings. Leather on one side…. soft black fur on the other

  • A ton of condoms. Seriously. Fifty.

  • A vibrating ring for me.

  • Satisfaction from knowing that with coupons and gift certificates, we got the condoms for free and the ring for 35% off. Any “good deal” fetishists out there?


Already?!? THE 2000th POST!

I can still taste her sweet nectar on my lips. It felt amazing when she pushed to meet my mouth as she trembled and came, gasping for me.

I stood up and she wrapped her fingers, then her mouth around me… drawing me toward a peak, but not taking me over the edge. We’re about to go hop a train to our wonderful local adult shop (i’d plug them, I really would). Then home, and after hopefully making out on the train… I’m going to fuck the shit out of her.


Hopping in the shower together… but Mrs Mysterio thought of you once all her clothes came off…


Per a request, here’s anothera pic of Wifey’s sexy feet, draped in a pair of panties. Crotchless, hot pink panties. I mean, feet aren’t MY kink, but I find every little bit of Wifey sexy! Just hope you feet and panties kinksters out there enjoy… she was wearing them most of the night…

Hello, new followers! We’ve gotten an amazing turnout of people so far, thank you all for your submissions and questions… nothing turns us on quite like sharing our sex life with all our sexy followers! We love BBWs, curvy cuties with sexy confidence, and exploring our new exhibitionist streak. And I’m a total voyeur. I love to watch sexy curvy ladies, loving their bodies and having fun! We love to browse kinky tumblr sites together because we’ve discovered it gets us so hot we almost always end up having REALLY steamy sex! Even better is when we get a submission… Contact us with questions, requests, ksuggestions, submissions, etc — contact info is in our bio!

Perpetually Horny… Mr. M (and Wifey M.)