We’re Back: A Happy 4:20, And here’s all the booty!

We acquired:

  • A slapper for spankings. Leather on one side…. soft black fur on the other

  • A ton of condoms. Seriously. Fifty.

  • A vibrating ring for me.

  • Satisfaction from knowing that with coupons and gift certificates, we got the condoms for free and the ring for 35% off. Any “good deal” fetishists out there?


Already?!? THE 2000th POST!

I can still taste her sweet nectar on my lips. It felt amazing when she pushed to meet my mouth as she trembled and came, gasping for me.

I stood up and she wrapped her fingers, then her mouth around me… drawing me toward a peak, but not taking me over the edge. We’re about to go hop a train to our wonderful local adult shop (i’d plug them, I really would). Then home, and after hopefully making out on the train… I’m going to fuck the shit out of her.