Happy Moon Monday, everyone!


The GIF version of the banned video.

Too hot for tumblr.


A Rallying Cry: Please Help!

So here’s the deal. I need tumblr’s help.

Wifey has a chance to do a little public striptease/burlesque performance in a nearby city. It’s something she’s been working towards and getting excited about.

As it looms, she’s starting to doubt herself. She says she doesn’t know if she has the confidence in her body and her abilities to do it.

But I know she really wants to do it. It’s just that the poor beauty is plagued with self-doubt.

I don’t want to see her missing out on something I know she really, really wants because she’s hung up on her self-image. I don’t want her to regret NOT doing it later…

So, I NEED you guys and girls to help by helping me assure her she IS someone people would want to see, please. Of course you know *I* think she’s stunning, and I can (and have) reassured her til i’m blue in the face.

But we’re married, so she doesn’t believe me. :)

I started this blog to help document the beauty she positively RADIATES. To help her see how amazing she looks AS IS.

You’ve all been so generous and supportive that she’s come so far in her ability to love herself.

Now, in this time of “crisis”, I need ALL of you to help me convince her she’s *beautiful*. Because I know we all think she is. :)

PLEASE, even if you’ve never said hello or anything before, or if you have, please please please help me give my wonderful, vibrant, glowing wife the confidence she so richly deserves.

If you want to send words of support: CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE

And if you just wanna take the time to click “like”, it would mean a lot to me — because I think it would mean a lot to her.

And feel free to reblog if you wanna, even though there’s no naked picture with this post :)

Let’s show Wifey how much we love her!

Thank you so much in advance. You’ve all been so fantastic to both of us since we started… and every click, follow, comment, like, or reblog has meant the world to us.

Here’s to Wifey….

Mr. Mysterio


A sleepy peek from the bedroom! Hope you’re all tucked in!


Happy Wifey Wednesday, everyone.


She drives me wild.


(Thigh highs) + (garter belt) - (panties) = “the hottest”


A tantalizing peek… her slip is showing ;)


“… and when I got to the top, no panties were there!”


“The stockings fit snug on her thighs with such care…”