When she got home from work, she danced her way out of her clothes. Her little red thong got me incredibly turned on, but it was the way she moved her hips that drove me wild.


Just a touch


Moon Monday


She knows what this does to me. And in public, too! So very naughty!


Moon Monday! This one was Wifey’s favorite of the bunch…


I woke up early for work today. After I got of the shower, got dressed, and got something to eat, I ended up sitting in front of the tv and browsing tumbler until it was time to leave.

Last night as I was falling asleep I was having a fantasy about Wifey… well, not so much a fantasy as a plan. And that was to silently creep over to her side of the bed when i woke up for work — standing next to it. Over her — and play with myself until to blow a load all over her big, soft, pink tits. So I did.

I’d been sitting in living room rubbing myself through my shorts anyway. Evening tumblring was very, very influential. A few special messages and photos later and my body was electrified. I ended up watching porn. Some sexy mff video with Sierra Skye and another beautiful curvaceous beauty. I mention that for later.

We woke up earlier in the night around the same time for a “bathroom/cup of water” break. At the time, I confessed that dirty desire i fell asleep getting hot to. When I could feel myself getting closer to a climax, I finally started whispering her name. She woke up in a dark room and realized what was going on and rolled over to me.

I used the light of my phone to illuminate the beautiful woman writhing on the bed beneath me. Purring and whimpering, begging for it, begging to be covered in its hot stickiness. She never once reached out. While I did want her to, I held myself back from asking. By the time I realized I couldn’t hold back any longer, she was moaning… as she felt it hit her gorgeous tits by the light of my phone, she was coaxing me… “oh yeaaaaahhh…. mmmmmm…. yesssss…,” she giggled.

I stood there shaken and disoriented, awash with pleasure. Panting. Looking down as she dragged her fingertips through the sticky mess. Smiling and rubbing my thigh as i caught my breath.

I realized that when I turned my phone on, shining it down on her to reveal her body by the faint light… I hadn’t turned off the porn vid I’d been watching in the other room. So I was basically giving her a porn pop up. I laughed and apologized, explaining that I figured it would just be my home screen, not two sexy, curvy, busty beauties enjoying a tag-team fuck.

“It’s okay,” she laughed, “actually, it was pretty hot.”

(I love this girl.)

Oh, it felt so good. The perfect way to start the day. I was going to help her clean up, but she told me to get going, or I’d be late for work. I left, dictating this to my phone on the walk to the train as I rode into downtown Mysteryville. In fact, i’m just sitting down at my desk now, and there’s still a little sweat on the back of my neck from before I left. Time to get to work…

She is an incredible woman, and the sexiest thing I’ve ever come across.

[PS- Work was quite busy so I didn’t have a chance to proof read this… I’ve done my best to update all the insane voice dictation problems. Sorry abt that!]


Nighty night… sweet dreams, and happy Mother’s Day from Mysteryville!


One more for the night, because she looks so beautiful…