We’re Back: A Happy 4:20, And here’s all the booty!

We acquired:

  • A slapper for spankings. Leather on one side…. soft black fur on the other

  • A ton of condoms. Seriously. Fifty.

  • A vibrating ring for me.

  • Satisfaction from knowing that with coupons and gift certificates, we got the condoms for free and the ring for 35% off. Any “good deal” fetishists out there?


Already?!? THE 2000th POST!

I can still taste her sweet nectar on my lips. It felt amazing when she pushed to meet my mouth as she trembled and came, gasping for me.

I stood up and she wrapped her fingers, then her mouth around me… drawing me toward a peak, but not taking me over the edge. We’re about to go hop a train to our wonderful local adult shop (i’d plug them, I really would). Then home, and after hopefully making out on the train… I’m going to fuck the shit out of her.


Mmmm… trying out our new treats. And in case you’re wondering what I think you’re wondering — yes, it is. I mean, yes, we are.

I love my beautiful, sexy, kinky wife.


Here’s what i’m hopping into bed next to — i’m a lucky man! I’m always up being mysterious overnight, all hours with tumblr my only company… we’d love to have questions or kinky pics waiting for us when we wake up!


We went out for burgers after the shoot, getting a thrill from sharing the sexy pics while we sat in a cafe of people.. with Wifey wearing the same striped sweater as you could see in the pix. I think our waitress may have noticed… When we got home, we had some more weed, and she made a phone call… when she came in to bed, she “caught” me masturbating (I know she loves that) and before long, she was grinding her freshly-shaved pussy against my thigh, riding it while stroking me. I convinced her to move north a few inches and I was buried deep inside her as she sat straight up, then leaning just a bit back… riding and bucking like a cowgirl. Of course it didn’t take long for her to get me off.

.. who else is out there? Sexy couples? Stoners? Kinksters? Curvy Cuties? (If youre all of the above, CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY!) Don’t be shy… we want to hear from you! Send any suggestions, questions, dirty fantasies or secret turn-ons…we like knowing you’re out there… mmmm… gets her off!


Mmm wettt…


A buzzing vibrator on her pussy, a hard heavy thing between her tits. Mmmm getting hot just posting it!